All good things must come to an end. In this case, that was helped along by someone who was able to exploit a bug in phpbb to delete the user table.
It's been a fun ride. I started running back in February 2003 after went down. The forums came shortly there after as I saw a need for better communication then just the chat box.
In 2008, I graduated college and, shortly there after, moved on to new adventures. BB4Win and the alternative shell for Windows scene became a fond memory for me.
The forums had a number of people who worked hard to keep them up and running, too many for me to list here as I would forget someone and feel bad later. Just know that if you helped at all, I thank you for it!
Sadly, it looks like this hack closes this chapter. It's sad that the actions of one have to ruin it for everyone but that's how it goes.
Don't worry boxshots continues to live on.
Here's to the next chapter!
-- Brian "tresni" Hartvigsen